Where Do I Put My Drink?!?!?

So if you bought a 96 or 97 Rav4…you didn’t get cup holders. While I’ve been used to not having them for quite sometime, I thought I needed to change that. So I soon discovered that 98-00 models came with a pair of front lower dash cup holders out the factory.

I then came across this page where I found the Toyota Part #PT547-42971. But unfortunately this is a discontinued item…FEAR NOT I said!!

So I decided to try something I hadn’t done it along time…since 2002…search junkyards on car-part.com. Wallah! Located one for ~$50 shipped in mint condition.

Now if you’re looking for one of these, here’s the trick and a very important detail….make sure you get all of the pieces:


Dash Pocket w/ Metal Brackets

Dash Bezel w/ Cigarette Lights

2x Plastic Hinges


Disconnect the negative battery terminal, it’s easy to short out the lighter fuse if you don’t. To remove the original part, gently pry on the edges, then pull straight out. The cigarette lighter has to be removed and placed into the new part. Be careful to note how the lighter parts are lined up, you will need to reassemble it EXACTLY the same way. To remove the lighter, unplug the 2 plugs on the back, remove the back (black) plastic cover then push (HARD) on the back of the assembly so it pops out the front. The remaining trim ring also needs to be removed, it snaps off very easily. Reinstall the lighter into the new cupholder unit. To install the new cupholder – remove the bottom 2 (8mm or 5/16″) bolts of the radio bracket, attach the new cupholder door with these 2 bolts, reattach the 2 lighter plugs/wires, snap on the trim plate.

If you have the Toyota factory alarm (RS3000 or S1000), you will have to move your status monitor to the left side of the steering wheel. The existing wires to this monitor will reach. You may also need to adjust the RS3000 “Glass Breakage Sensor”, (page 23 of alarm manual). The control box is located behind the hood release lever area of the dash. Factory setting is “5”, suggested new setting is “4”.