Rear Sunroof Pop-Up Correct

After I bought my Rav4, I was excited to have a dual sunroof model. But later I was annoyed that the rear sunroof didn’t pop-up, it only popped-out for removal (only on 2dr US models). I thought to myself this is BS and after a closer inspection I realized that my MR2’s sunroof latch was nearly identical.

Then I read somewhere on that the Rav4 rear sunroof base’s “slot hinge arms” protrude out further then the front’s sunroof’s base. And lastly that you can use the front sunroof parts for the rear. So continued on with my investigation and decided to unbolted my MR2 sunroof base to compare them. YUP, they were identical except for two specific area…

  1. Where the latch base holds the sunroof in the up position
  2. The latch slots on the hinge arms.

Here is the comparison of the Rav4’s (gray) and MR2’s (blue) latch:

NOTE: The slots on the hinge arms are positioned in reverse or backards on the Rav4 latch vs the MR2 latch. This is part what makes the sunroof pop and stay up.

You can pop the snap rings out on the hinge spring area and then flip the entire hinge setup around and reassemble…this would correct 1/2 of the problem.

Finally here is the comparison of the Rav4’s (red) and MR2’s (blue) latch base:

Ok now you could potentially go ahead and grind down that piece and flip the hinge assembly to get the sunroof to pop-up…OR you can just go & purchase the OEM latch base and latch:

BASE p/n # 63250-16020 from a 96-00 Rav4…$75.32 at Lithia Toyota

LATCH p/n # 63260-42020-B0 Gray from a 96-00 Rav4…$117.35 at Lithia Toyota

DO NOT get p/n # 63260-42040-B0

OR go with option # 3…which is what I did, search for an MR2 sunroof latch base. I went to ebay and bought an MR2 sunroof latch w/ base for $11 bucks. Just make sure you get the both parts. Here is a list of models with the same sunroof setup:

  • 85-95 MR2
  • 91-95 Paseo
  • 95-03 Tacoma
  • 89-95 4Runner/Pickup)

For reference:

Subject: 3.2.10) Why won’t my dual sunroof RAV4 2DR rear sunroof stay open?

Toyota apparently felt that having the rear sunroof open was a
potential safety problem. However, dual sunroofs are available
in europe and elsewhere with the rear sunroof that can be popped

You can modify your RAV4 by doing the following:
– Obtain a replacement sunroof latch from Toyota
(P/N 63250-16020)
– Replace the rear latch. This is very easy, just remove 2 trim
screws and 2 bolts that attach the existing latch, and reverse the
procedure with the new part.
– Remove the rear sunroof, and remove the latch mechanism from
the roof with 2 screws. You will need to disassemble the latch
and reassemble the locking arms in reverse so that the sunroof
will lock in place.
– The arms are held in place with snap rings that can be pried
off with a small screwdriver. Be careful! The snap rings will
fly across the room unless you cover them when you remove them.
– Remove the latch arms and replace them in reverse, i.e., the
left arm on the right, and vice versa.
– After reassembling the latch arms, reattach the mechanism
to the sunroof, and reinstall the roof.
– You can examine the front sunroof latch system to see how
it is supposed to look if you run into any difficulty.

Here is my finished “Sunroof Pop-Up Correct” project…

PS…while working on this I noticed my rear sunroof catch assembly was broken…luckily I had a spare MR2 one that was identical and worked perfectly.