Clutch & Shifter Upgrades

I had a hunch that some Celica parts (ST185 & ST205) were interchangeable with the Rav4. More specifically, I was looking to upgrade my spongy feeling old clutch line and worn out shifter cable bushings. I have a lot of brand loyalty and decided to follow the lead I took with my MR2…hence I turned to Two R Us for some new Speed-Source Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line, Extended Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod and Brass Shifter Bushings.

I ordered the “Big! Toyota Solid Brass Shift Cable Bushings” & “Teflon Lined Braided Steel Clutch Line” for a Celica GT4 90-93 ST185 (94-99 ST205). I gambled without knowing for sure but I can now confirm these items fit perfectly on the Rav4.1.

Here’s a quick photo of the clutch line installed.

It’s tough to get a clear picture because the engine bay is so tight. Since I am using an aftermarket clutch with heavy pressure plate, complete disengagement of the clutch is difficult. This makes gear changes difficult and may make the transmission grind when shifting from neutral…NOT GOOD! So I lastly picked up Extended Clutch Slave Cylinder Pushrod too. It’s ¼” longer than stock, made from CNC turned 303 stainless steel. It’s slightly longer shaft puts the slave cylinder piston further back in its bore, thus allowing a longer stroke and more disengagement. Once I completed the installation I also re-adjusted the clutch pedal adjustment point to get it just right.