Center Console Hinge Fix

It’s often heartbreaking as a car ages things begin to fall apart. Eventually many parts are no longer manufactured and discontinued from the dealer & aftermarket suppliers. When this happens, we’re all left feeling hopeless…my next project was no different…just like I felt with the 98+ cup holders.

Now I needed to figure out what I was going to do with my center console storage box. The lid simply doesn’t close properly any more…just take a look, the hinge is nearly half way broken…

Being the shape chap that I am…I  remembered my parents old 1994 AE102 Corolla had a center console box that looked very similar to the Rav4’s. I figured if they looked the same and the lid was the same then the hinge might be the same too. So I went go and took some measurements of the Rav4’s lid…its roughly 12 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide. I started looking on ebay and I messaged a few sellers to confirm the Corolla’s lid measurements. Sure enough they were the same size….so I bought one for like $12 bucks!

Here is the 99-00 Rav4’s lid (gray) & the 93-97 Corolla’s lid (brown):

As you can see they’re nearly identical. Notice though, my Rav4 lid is so worn…the latch to open it is kinda chewed up and crooked.

Here you can see I overlaid the Rav4 hinge to show that the holes are the same size and position as well as both hinges sharing identical angles and shape. The one difference on the Corolla hinge is, it’s not spring loaded. But I like this because it makes for a more durable hinge setup.


To be continued…