Need A Wiring Harness?

For many years people dreamed of engine swaps but always hit the big hurdle, WIRING!

Well, those days are long gone. Back in 2006-07 I needed a harness conversion for my 20v 4age AW11 project. Luckily the MR2 community has been a big spot for DIY guys. A board member named MR220V did his own plug & play wiring for an MR2 project of his own. Shortly after, the demand grow and MR220v began making harnesses for guys like myself…helping us to achieve our goals and complete our projects. After almost 6 years of using his harness and never having an issue…it was a no brain’er!!! I needed to reach out to him again for my Gen 4 3SGTE Rav4 project.

Today, MR220V aka Doug Copeland has founded WireGap…”a place that provides custom engine harness wiring for Toyotas. With ten years of wiring experience, his engine harnesses are plug & play, reliable, and have an OEM appearance.”

WireGap gives people like myself the opportunity to take an idea, a Gen 4 powered SXA10 and execute it. Doug’s services are proven, my MR2 is still going strong…and as an experienced Toyota engine swapper…I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED his services! Doug has always been there with a quick reply to any and all of my questions over the years.

Now you’re probably wondering, how do this work?

It’s simple, you disconnect your uncut factory engine harness from you car. Next you disconnect the engine harness from the motor being installed, in my case the Gen 4 3sgte harness. Then you fill a WireGap Order Form, send Doug an email, get a quote…then box it all up & ship it away. Now I took an extra step to reduce down time, I picked up a spare stock Rav4 engine harness. This allowed me to continue driving my Rav4 while waiting for the final product to be sent back to me.

The end result, a plug & play harness…so once you’ve mounted your new engine & hardware, you just turn the key and go! CHEERS!

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Or contact Doug at (404) 276-5555 or