MOAR Fuel N Stuff!!!

It’s a simple equation….more power requires MOAR FUEL!!! With the anticipation of building my Rav4 GT-T, I needed to prepare my fuel system. An upgraded pump was necessary, as well as a fuel return line.

For reference, Rav4 Fuel System Components:

rav4.1 fuel system

sxa10 gas tank 1 sxa10 gas tank 2 sxa10 gas tank 3

I searched around the inter-web and came up with Deatschwerks, a company dedicated to high-performance fuel systems solutions. They sell affordable, high quality fuel pumps for a variety of applications and offer an industry best 3-year no fault warranty. But what I really like about Deatschwerks, is that they are a family own business, that stand behind the name of their brand.

I selected a Deatschwerks DW200 In-Tank Fuel Pump as my replacement:


Features Include:

  • Flows 255 litres per hour
  • In-tank application specific fitment
  • Ethanol compatible
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impellerIMG_8719

Though this isn’t an exact video of a fuel pump swap, its a good visual illustration of how to find and remove the fuel pump from the Rav4. Definitely useful!

Here’s another resourceful link on how replace a Rav4 fuel pump…’s “Rav4 Crawler: In-Tank Pump Swap”…just click the photo:

Rav4 Crawler: In-Tank Pump Swap

More fuel detail to come shortly…


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