4 thoughts on “Photo1

    • Thanks Julio! I got the hood scoop from ebay. I could have chosen a Subaru WRX type but well I didn’t. I wanted one that had the look and feel of an ST185 Alltrac Celica hood scoop.

      • Awesome choice it matches the look perfectly. I’m trying to find a giant one to cool the TMIC as much as possible but this one is the best looking one I’ve seen for the application by far.

  1. Thanks Julio. The Subaru STI scoop will be the largest type you can get. What I’ve discovered thus far, is my setup works well but during hot summer days the IC gets heat soaked because of the high under hood temperature. Makes sense, if you look at all the Alltrac hood designs, they each have vents to alleviate this issue. So the next step for my setup is add that ventilation to reduce those temperatures.

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