3 thoughts on “Drivetrain

  1. Good day Steve!

    I’m Banjo Castro from the Philippines, also a fellow RAV4.1 owner (1997 model 3-door, AWD). I read your write up about the GTE swap, and I was entertained by the idea. Well, I might consider doing it in the future as it seems that I’ll be keeping my RAV4 as may daily for years to come.

    Anyway, I have questions regarding the transmission swap. You said the Caldina ST215 transmission may have problems with the RAV4 speedo as it doesn’t have the VSS. Is the Caldina ST215 transmission different from the Celica ST205’s completely or only different because of the speed sensor? And are they both codenamed E154F?

    And by “Gen3 transmission” having a differential speed ring, do you mean the E154F transmission from the Celica ST205?

    Looking forward to your reply.:)

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