Front Brake Theory Pt. 2.5 – Stage 1 Brake Upgrade

I’d like to revisit my posts on brakes, as some questions have surfaced and I’d like to help answer them. For some people out there, my brake setup is not ideal because it requires some grinding for fitment and wheels spacers to use 16inch wheels…so, how does one still upgrade without having to do all that?

Well, good news is you still can upgrade from your stock setup still use your stock 16inch wheels. I haven’t had the funds or time to experiment with this and I can’t make an promises but I have a pretty good feeling this new setup will work.

Here is the Stage 1 Brake Upgrade:

Brake Caliper with Bracket – Celica ST (95-99)

Part Numbers:

RH 47721-20370 or 47721-20371

LH 47722-20080 or 47722-20081


Rotors – Lexus RX300 (99-03)

Part Number: 43512-48011 or 43512-48060



Pads – Celica ST (95-99)

Part Number: 04465-20140 or 04465-33021


I can’t confirm any modifications will be needed but if it does, it will be less then my Stage 2 Brake Upgrade. This setup will feel and work just fine with the stock brake master cylinder.