Rear Disc Brake Theory

This has been a long awaited topic amongst all, as we’ve all pondered and wished we had rear disc brakes. Unfortunately, Toyota didn’t see the demand for them in our US market.

I’ve spent countless hours researching and I’ve discovered that Toyota developed parts that use similar bolt patterns for certain parts. So I’ve noticed there’s a pattern on some cars with regards to their rear brakes…thus having the potential to have brakes interchangeable.

I have come to the conclusion that the following two setups will fit the rear of the RAV4.1’s in the US. I’d just like to note, since I’ve sold my RAV4 I can’t confirm these setups with work, it’s truly up to another brave RAV4 owner to give it a go!

The most difficult part of both setups is acquiring the back plate which is how it all comes together. These back plates are expensive from the dealer and can cost upwards of $300. The easiest way to do this is to swing by a local wrecker or junkyard and buy them there…make sure they are complete with the entire brake assembly.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Backing Plates
– Drum Parking Brake Assemblies
– Drum Brake Pads
– Rotors
– Brake Pads
– Brake Shims
– Brake Calipers
– Brake Calipers Brackets
– Parking Brake Cables (may not need them as stock cable compatibility has not been confirm)

The first setup comes from our beloved family minivan, the Toyota Sienna specific the 3rd generation Sienna. While I unraveled these I discovered this setup is used on the rear of other Toyota and Lexus models:



LEXUS RX350 2010-2015

LEXUS RX450H 2010-2015

Here’s a few photos of the major parts you’ll need with specs.

backingplate2 backingplate

2012siennarotors 2012siennacalipers 2012siennapads

Backing Plate Part Numbers:



Caliper Bracket Part Numbers:



Caliper Part Numbers:




The second setup comes exclusively from theToyota Rav4.2 or simply the 2nd generation Rav4. These are a bit harder to find do them being a less common option and less of them on the road. Note these setup does not require a brake caliper bracket as it was design to have less parts.

TOYOTA RAV4 2001-2005

rav4.2rotors rav4.2calipersrav4.2pads

Backing Plate Part Numbers:



Caliper Setup Part Numbers:



And if you don’t this is possible just check out our Rav4 friend in Russia

I have a partial Sienna setup for sale if anyone is interested…just shoot me an email or comment. To be continued….



E150F Transmission Swap

When planning my AR4 project I knew my stock E250F transmission was going to have to be replaced. The 3rd gear synchro was baddly worn on the downshift side (worked perfectly on upshift though, bizarre). Anyhow as I search for 3sgte’s I was debating whether to acquire a transmission with the new motor. I then began compiling gear ratio data and comparing it to what I wanted out of this project. I’ll spare the details unless you guys are interested.

Ok, once I got through the data, I decided my choose was going to be either a E154F from a ST205 Celica GT4 or an E150F from a ST215 Caldina. I decided to get a Gen4 3sgte with a E150F from a Caldina GTT. After picking up an ST215 motor with E150F transmission, I unknowingly came across a few issues:

1. It does not have a Center Differential Lock

Now depending on your stand point, this could be a good thing or bad. The bad is, well if your stuck in a tough situation, say a heavy snow storm, you don’t have the option to lock the center diff to guarantee a 50/50 front/rear power split. The good, less weight…and from a motorsports perspective, you really don’t want 100% lock at any given time from center diff….you want 40/60 or 50/50 but never lock the front/rear together as that will cause major understeer from what I understand. So, in the end I’m ok with this.

*PLEASE Watch this video for a better understanding of the Alltrac system:

2. It does not have a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS, SXA10 RAV4 OEM # 83181-12050)

With no VSS, I’m not able to determine the speed of the car. The Caldina is more modern, in the sense that it uses wheel speed sensors to tell you how fast it is going.

3. It does not have a Differential Speedo Gear Ring (OEM # 33481-20130)

Without the gear ring, I’m unable to use a VSS and again I’m unable to determine the speed of the car.

To solve #’s 2 & 3, well let’s just say, sometimes things get complicated. You have to be wondering why…well to keep this short, the E150F has different gear ratios then the stock E250F. I needed to match the Differential Speedo Gear Ring to the appropriate VSS gear to get an accurate speedometer reading. I ordered a new Differential Speedo Gear Ring shown above and decided to reuse my original stock Rav4 VSS. This combo was going to work best with my new wheel diameter setup and E150F transmission gear ratios.

But here was the tricky and time consuming part…I had to completely dismantle the transmission to install the Differential Speedo Gear Ring. So, I ultimately do not recommended using a E150F from a Caldina ST215.

Here is the stock Rav4.1 VSS & VSS Driven Gear:

4. The inner axle shaft (side that connects to the transmission) is different from the SXA10 Rav4’s.

Now, what is the inner axle issues:

– The RAV4’s inner CV spline has a 23 or 24 teeth (can’t remember) and has a short length spline.

– The Caldina inner CV splines has 25 teeth and requires a longer length spline.

It’s been stated by Bongbong10 that an ACA21 or Rav4.2 axle would work. Now I needed to figure out which Rav4.2 driverside axle would work; AWD or FWD, Manual or Automatic, ABS or Non-ABS??? I ended with a Cardone Remanufactured AWD, Manual, Non-ABS Driver Side Rav4.2 Axle.

With it’s longer inner spline and proper # of teeth, this axle fits the E150F transmission perfectly. But we’re not done, the outer part of the shaft is a bit fatter or thicker causing the inner shaft to rubber and not fit in properly. It will need to be machined down or grinded down to fit.  OR another option to get it to fit, which is what I did at the expense of a shortened wheel bearing life span, is to remove the wheel bearing dust deflector and seal.

I’ll here more pics when my swap is complete, to be continued…

PLEASE NOTE: Both outer CV splines (the ones that connect to the hubs) have same # of teeth and length as the stock Rav4. Thus there is no modification needed. Also the stock Rav4.1 passenger side axle fits the E150F, no problem.