Rear Driver Side Window Correct

My second pet-peeve was the driver side rear window…WHY DOESN’T IT POP OPENING? WHY? Just another USDM safety thing. Anyhow I decided I wanted to correct to this and hunch that all I needed was another lock latch like the passenger side’s. So I went ahead and ordered one…OEM p/n 62920-42010-B1

Here is a side by side comparison of the non-functioning window lock (left) and the functional one (right):

This was pretty straight forward, all you have to do is remove a few screws and pop the rear driver side interior panel and unbolt the upper part of the rear driver side seatbelt.

Then unscrewed the 3 screws holding the non-functioning window lock. Be careful not to drop and lose bushing and screw retained. Also caution not to allow the window to swing open as you could damage and break it while unmounted.

Now just align the new functioning latch lock and screw it in. This is what the final product opened and closed should look like.